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From commercial properties to residential homes, ASC HVAC handles all AC repairs and AC installations in Howard County, MD and surrounding counties. Stay comfortable, stay within budget, and stay cool.

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Nothing is worse than a muggy Maryland day — whether it hits in Spring, Summer, or unexpectedly in the Fall. High temps and sticky humidity is not the day to discover your AC is in need of repairs.


Whether you’re facing an emergency situation or you want to prep for the coming seasons, give ASC HVAC a call to handle your AC repairs, a new air conditioner installation, or set-up routine AC maintenance to keep your home or office cool and comfortable.

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The Benefits of a New AC Installation or Routine AC Maintenance

Our local air conditioner installation services in Howard County are focused on customer satisfaction and ultimate comfort. That is why we offer a range of energy-efficient AC units for you to choose from when you’re in need of a new air conditioner installation service. We hope to supply high-quality units at a variety of price points so everyone can have affordable comfort during the hottest Maryland months.

When preparing for humid temperatures, don’t forget to include AC maintenance as part of the checklist. Although it may not seem like it, annual maintenance from a professional AC installation company in Maryland can provide your unit with a longer lifespan, and better energy efficiency, and helps you understand your routine servicing to keep your air cooler. Trust ASC HVAC to put your comfort first with affordable services, a free estimate on AC repairs, and fully insured technicians to handle every issue that arises.

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New Air Conditioner Installation Perks for Your Maryland Home

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Energy Efficiency

A well-serviced AC unit provides better energy efficiency. Stop your AC unit from running too hard by investing in a new AC installation or by scheduling routine maintenance on your existing model.
ac installations Frederick county

Savings on Energy Bills

A well-serviced or proper AC repair provides better energy efficiency which also saves on energy bills. When your AC unit is properly maintained, it uses less power to cool your home or office, providing you better comfort at a lower cost.
AC Maintenance Howard County - MD

Reliable Comfort

In the middle of the summer is not the time to have your AC unit fluctuating between cycles and efficiency. You can have consistent, affordable comfort with routine AC maintenance or a new AC installation. This provides unmatched cool temperatures when you need them the most.
AC Installation Howard County - MD

Air Quality

Getting a new AC installation in Maryland is not just about the heat, it is about your air quality. A new AC unit or professional AC repairs can increase your air quality for better breathability and overall health.
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Extended Lifespan

Depending on the year your AC unit was manufactured, you can expect a lifespan ranging anywhere from 10-15 years on average. Older units tend to have shorter lifespans, although professional AC repairs can extend the lifespan to help you avoid the cost of investing in a new AC installation before you’re ready. Newer units can sometimes see a 20-year lifespan with proper AC repairs in Howard County. No matter if you opt for a new air conditioner installation or regular air conditioner repairs and maintenance, you’re helping to extend the life and efficiency of your comfort.
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Durable and Longer Lasting

Newer AC installations can often be more durable than previous models. This is because professional AC technicians are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve customer satisfaction, and durable models that handle unpredictable Maryland weather is at the top of that list. ASC HVAC can recommend a new air conditioner installation to help you battle the Howard County heat.
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High-Tech Control Options

Although regular AC repairs and maintenance can’t provide you with more control, a new AC installation can. Newer AC units are equipped with high tech control options so you can control your AC from almost anywhere with advanced settings. Invest in a new AC installation for higher quality control and comfort.

Signs You May Need AC Repairs or a New Air Conditioner Installation

As experienced AC technicians with over 30 years servicing AC units in Howard County, we’re able to spot a faulty unit almost immediately — it’s one of the reasons we are able to guarantee customer satisfaction on all of our work, and how we continually get recommended to new clients.

As our customers, however, we can’t expect you to spot the same things that we do. To help you know when you’re in need of AC repair services, we’ve outlined some simple-to-notice errors that may give you a clue it’s time to call ASC HVAC. The best thing is, with our free estimates, you have nothing to lose and a lot of knowledge to gain when working with our AC repair company in Maryland. We put your comfort first, always.


The age of your unit can be a big indicator of if you need AC repairs or a new AC installation service. If you can’t remember the last time you had maintenance completed it’s wise to call ASC HVAC for a maintenance appointment -- there may be AC repairs you need that you’re not aware of, or we can help you determine if a new air conditioner installation is the right investment for you.

Old AC Unit?

Most AC units can last an average of 10 years, longer with the proper maintenance. If yours is aging, contact ASC HVAC for preventative maintenance today to extend the lifespan.

Inconsistent Reliability (Despite Maintenance)

If regular AC maintenance is part of your annual house cleaning, yet your AC is still breaking down, it may be a sign you’re in need of a new unit. Our professional AC installation company in Howard County can help assess what issues you’re having and why they may be occurring, so you can move forward with the right AC repair service plan.

Experiencing Continual Breakdowns?

If regular maintenance isn't keeping your air conditioner unit working properly, it's time to give ASC HVAC a call -- you could be experiencing larger issues that may require a new AC unit.

Lack of Cool Air

When you’re by your AC vents, are you feeling warm air? AC units should put out cold air, and if you feel warm air, it’s a sign there is a problem. Be aware of not only the temperature in your home or commercial building but what you’re feeling from your vents.

AC Blowing Warm Air?

A lack of cool air emitting from your vents is a sure sign of needed repairs. If you're noticing warm emitting when the AC should be cooling your home or office, get in touch.

Leaking System

It’s a good idea to do a once over of your AC unit every few months, and part of this process is checking for any leaks. If you see moisture there, it could be a sign of a problem. Let our professional AC technicians check out the unit and give you a free estimate on any possible AC repairs a leak could indicate.

Is Your AC Unit Dripping?

Your AC unit shouldn't have any leaks or drips. Do a seasonal inspection of your unit and if you notice leaks or water, it's time to get an AC repair service.

Sounds or Smells

Part of your AC unit review should be listening for unusual sounds or noticing any unusual odors. After you’ve lived with your AC unit for a few months, you should be used to the traditional sounds it makes. If you hear anything that doesn’t sound normal, or strong odors start emitting, it’s time to call ASC HVAC.

Do You Hear That?

An air conditioner unit should not make unusual noises or have a strong smell. If you notice loud or strange noises emitting from your unit, or a smell is emerging, give ASC HVAC a call right away.

Interior Humidity

AC units should be able to cool your home and reduce humidity. If you’re noticing signs of humidity inside your home, like pooling condensation or moisture around the windows, this may mean your AC unit is in need of air conditioner repairs.

Is Your Home Still Hot?

A properly functioning AC unit should eliminate interior humidity as it lowers the temperature. If humidity is persisting, it may be that your AC unit is in need of repairs.

Continual Cycles - Yes, Even in Hotter Months

Although in hotter Maryland months, it may seem like your AC unit needs to work harder, this doesn’t mean it should be continually running. AC units have a regular cycle they power through, and it’s a sign of needing AC repairs if your AC unit powers on, powers off, and then immediately powers back on.

Is Your AC Unit Always Running?

Hotter temperatures do not mean your AC unit should be running constantly. Air conditioners are meant to run on a regular cycle, so a constantly running AC is a problem.

Glitching Thermostat or Control Panel

The thermostat helps you control the AC unit, and if you start noticing issues on the control panel, it could indicate AC repairs are needed. Be on the lookout for glitches, inconsistent data, or other anomalies.

Is the Thermostat Acting Up?

The thermostat or AC control panel should be functioning well at all times. If this unit begins to go, it could be a sign that your AC may need repairs, or it could cause problems that impact your unit. Let ASC HVAC take a look.

Increase in Energy Bills

Once you’ve lived in your home or managed your commercial space for a couple of years, you begin to note your annual energy costs. If the weather is overall consistent but your energy bills are rising above your expected average, this could be your AC unit. New AC installations or AC repairs can help correct this, saving you money in the long run and providing comfort.

Are Your Bills Rising?

If the temperature is consistent on average, your energy bills should reflect the same amount month to month. If you're suddenly paying more without due cause, your AC unit could be working harder than it's meant to.

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